Salomon Tikal II CS Waterproof Mens Walking Boots - Grey

NEO -47% Salomon Tikal II CS Waterproof Mens Walking Boots - Grey


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The Salomon Tikal II CS WP has a soft and insulating lining that effectively keeps your feet warm down to minus 7 degrees. The sole is made of super durable rubber material and with the special Contagrip® technology, you get an optimal grip on the surface - regardless of the weather conditions and the terrain you are wearing.


  • ClimaShield ™ Waterproof technology that protects your feet against wind and water
  • Contagrip® - geometrically shaped and durable outsole, ensuring optimum grip on the substrate
  • High and supportive shaft
  • Extra reinforced by heel and toes
  • Soft and comfortable lining
  • Tested down to minus 7 degrees
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Είδος Παπουτσιών Walking
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