SCN Nutrition Isolated Egg White Protein (900gr)

SCN Nutrition Isolated Egg White Protein (900gr)


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Almost all athletes think that WHEY protein is the king of proteins…Well, it is not!

Strength & Conditioning Nutrition’s Isolated Egg White Protein, with spray-drying process, is High Bio-Available, easy mixing, with AMAZING SMELL & TASTE…

Also, for FIRST time an Egg White Protein Powder…becomes an ANABOLIC formula.

We’ve added N-ACETYL-L-Glutamine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, L-Glycine, FERMENTED L-Leucine and DIGEZYME®.

This Formula will make the Egg Protein:


-More bio-available &  absorbed

-More effective than any other Egg White Protein you can buy in the market.

Egg White protein contains 40 different proteins, from which Ovalbumin is the most abundant (~55%). Also, it contains NO LACTOSE.

The second most abundant protein is Ovotranferrin, a protein that binds to Iron and has amazing anti-microbial properties

Egg White Protein, contains ALL AMINO ACIDS, including BCAA’s, in high concentrations. This will help your body stimulate protein synthesis and muscle growth.

Egg White, is medium-rate digestion protein, which is the best for feeding your body with a more stable way.

Egg White Protein is high in ARGININE.

Arginine stimulates NITRIC-OXIDE synthesis in the body. This will help your body deliver more blood flow to muscles and as a result you will have more oxygen (less lactic acid, better endurance), more nutrients to your muscle cells (less muscle wasting, better anabolic effect, better recovery, less muscle injuries).

Arginine, Also will give more GROWTH HORMONE from your brain, with huge anabolic and fat-loss effect.

Egg white’s Sulfur, will stimulate your hormone synthesis and create NATURAL ANABOLICS in your body.


Directions: Consume 30gr (1 scoop) mixed in 200ml of water 45-60 min before workout and one scoop immediately after workout.

For long and intense trainings: Consume 30gr 2-3 hours before training to keep a high nitrogen balance.

For optimum absorption: Drink extra 200ml of water 10 minutes after each use..

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Μέγεθος Συσκευασίας 900gr
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