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HMB 120 Capsules Amix it is a substance better known by athletes as Beta-methylbutyrate, metabolite of L-leucine which is capable of producing in the body from that this amino acid, so that the body receives the dose HMB enough, since it produces alone is less than necessary. So that athletes who want to improve their brands must complete your dose of HMB with this supplement

HMB 120 Capsules Amix is ​​completely natural and has a large biological value, which is able to prevent catabolism of muscle and increase strength and muscle size and fat. This supplement works one hundred percent as anti-catabolic and anabolic during periods of intense training. Also it protects muscles repairing the cells from inside the cell membrane mantene intactar structures to create new muscle tissue shielding against degradation.

Experts recommend HMB 120 Capsules Amix for those bodybuilders who are subject to a strict diet because it avoids the disappearance of the volume of muscles while stimulating their increase after training with weights. Also it works for the human body to absorb all possible proteins in foods and has very fast effects.

HMB works with the immune system to fight the situations of fatigue, heavy wear and regulates cholesterol levels straight. And it is that HMB 120 Capsules Amix is ​​one of the most effective sports supplements prohormone there today in this market.

The main benefits of HMB 120 Capsules Amix are: prevents muscle catabolism and protects muscle tissue after long workouts. Tiredness disappears faster and athletes have a better post-workout recovery. It promotes the loss of fat in the human body. It contributes to increased muscles after the exercises with weights especially for athletes who have a very strict diet. It maintains protein absorption in the body.

Like taking HMB 120 Capsules Amix sale Nutricion24: they have to take by weight having athletes between 2 or 3 tablets accompanied the main meals. For people under 70 kg. we recommend taking 2 for longer than 70 kg. 3.

Nutritional information per serving of HMB 120 Capsules Amix:

Hydroxymethylbutyrate 1000 mg

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