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OstroVit CREATINE is the highest quality creatine monohydrate, which enhances the anabolic, ergogenic and anticatabolic effects of creatine several times.

Creatine is an organic compound made up of protein fragments, found in muscle tissue. The main task of creatine is to store energy in the muscles, which increases the amount of energy that can be used during training. The increased energy content in the muscles contributes to the strength and endurance of the body, and thus to the regular increase in training effectiveness.

In addition, increased creatine content contributes to faster muscle regeneration between training series, which delays the effects of physical and mental fatigue.

Regular use of OstroVit CREATINE helps to speed up the growth of lean body mass, increase muscle strength and improve body function.

Creatine supplementation is best for short-term and intensive training and repetitive effort. weightlifting, martial arts, sprinting, bodybuilding.

The best results are long lasting supplementation combined with a correct, well-balanced diet, proper training and rest.

Χαρακτηριστικά Προϊόντος
Δόσεις 200 Servings
Μέγεθος Συσκευασίας 500 gr
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