SCN Nutrition CARBO4-LYTES8 600gr Forest Fruits

SCN Nutrition CARBO4-LYTES8 600gr Forest Fruits


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Ergogenic, Performance Enhancing Electrolyte & Carbohydrate Complex Formula

8 Electrolytes | 4 Carbs | HMB | Sodium TriPhosphate | Sodium Bicarbonate

  • Instant Hydration, Recovery & Muscle Fiber Healing

  • Reduced Exercise-Induced Skeletal Muscle Damage

  • Instant & Controlled Blood Glucose Load

  • Increased Aerobic Capacity & Anaerobic Threshold

  • Increased Peak Power Output

  • Improved Myocardial & Cardiovascular Responses to Exercise

  • Increased Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) & Phosphocreatine (PCr) Synthesis


Electrolyte Complex

Proper hydration during exercise is the key for a high performance of all athletes, especially endurance athletes.

Strength & Conditioning Nutrition’s Carbo4-Lytes8 include a proper combination of electrolytes for every athlete to enhance his performance.

Sodium Citrate & Sodium Bicarbonate

  • Lower levels of hydrogen ions and acidity during and after excersice.

  • Faster lactate and Hydrogen Ions elimination from muscle cells.

  • Improved maximun intensity duration from 30-40 seconds to 1-7 minutes.

Magnesium Citrate & Magnesium Bislgysinate

  • essential for your body as it takes place in more than 300 biochemical reactions

  • normal nerve and muscle function and better immune system

  • better heart function as it keeps your heart beat  steady

  • less cramps and muscle soreness

  • ATP synthesis depents on enzymes that are megnesium based

Di-Calcium Phosphate and Di-Potassium Phosphate

  • Higher VO2 MAX

  • Faster recovery between training sessions

  • Better execution of rapid movements: Lift Better | Run Better | Jump Better

  • Amazing results for endurance non stop sessions

  • More oxygen to mucsle cells

  • Best source of Calcium combined with Phosphorus for cell endurance and energy


HMB (short for β-Hydroxy β-Methylbutyrate) is a metabolite of the amino acid Leucine that, along with KIC (α keto-isocaproate) and isovaleryl-CoA, mediate the effects of leucine. Approximately 5% of dietary leucine is oxidized into HMB, and HMB appears to be the main metabolite of leucine that more effectively prevents the breakdown of muscle protein.

When compared to leucine, HMB appears to be significantly more potent on a gram per gram basis at attenuating the rate of muscle protein breakdown but is less effective than leucine at inducing muscle protein synthesis. Due to this, HMB is marketed as an anti-catabolic agent (purposed to reduce the rate of muscle breakdown) rather than an anabolic agent (purposed to increase muscle mass).

Human trials don’t normally tend to be structured to properly assess the effects of HMB, as most of the studies are a standard diet paired with an exercise regimen investigating the role of HMB in promoting muscle protein synthesis (of which it is similar to leucine in the sense that there are positive results, but quite unreliably so); the limited evidence that assesses HMB during periods of muscle loss are either underpowered or not in athletes.

HMB, currently, appears to be a pretty interesting supplement for the purpose of reducing muscle wasting during periods where muscle atrophy is accelerated (cachexia, AIDS, bedrest) and should theoretically work in athletes on a calorie restricted diet but is not fully established for this role yet (which is a notable issue, since Glutamine has a large dichotomy between clinical and healthy populations)..

Sodium phosphate 

…is the mineral salt of sodium hydroxide and phosphoric acid. Phosphate salts are involved in cell structure, energy transport and storage, vitamin function, and numerous other processes essential to health [1]. Some minerals may become deficient in response to prolonged exercise [1]. Exercise capacity may be reduced if mineral status is insufficient and supplementing with minerals has been generally accepted to improve exercise capacity [1].

Can sodium phosphate and weight loss:

Sodium phosphate has been categorised as thermogenic agent as its supplementation is said to increase resting energy expenditure (via increased thermogenesis) and may therefore serve as a potential weight loss nutrient [2].

Sodium phosphate and perforance:

Sodium phosphate loading (1000 mg 4 times daily) has been shown to influence the maximal and run performance in seven male competitive runners [3]. Phosphate loading also significantly increased maximal oxygen uptake (6–12%) [3], which was also noted in another study conducted on 10 well-trained distance runners [4]. Studies are also reporting improved endurance performance in competitive cyclists [5].

Although this data is impressive and suggests that sodium phosphate may be highly effective in improving endurance exercise capacity, but the results are still equivocal. However, no studies have noted a decrease in performance [6]. Many confounding variables were identified by Tremblay and others [7] and recommended that more controlled research needed to be done.



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Directions: Mix 1 scoop (20 g) with 400-500 ml of water and drink during training.


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Μέγεθος Συσκευασίας 600gr
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