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UNLIMITED – Infinite Fat Destruction


UNLIMITED by Muscle Rage is the result of us watching and learning about which ingredients really work from the great brands that we have sold for many years. 


UNLIMITED is a non proprietary blend capsulized fat burner that has taken what feels like forever in development to achieve the optimum results. We are not going to try and compare it to other products on the market or slander another brand, instead we are going to let the label and then the results speak for themselves.


UNLIMITED can be taken by both men and women to help them achieve incredible results but UNLIMITED is not for the faint-hearted. UNLIMITED is extremely powerful. Rather than having one great ingredient/stimulant and basing the entire label around it, each and every ingredient as at the optimum dosage to get you results.


What is in UNLIMITED?


Dandelion Root Extract – Dandelion Root Extract is a natural diurectic, helping your body to release unwanted subcutaneous fluid and sodium chloride. Meaning you can further reveal the gains you have been working hard for.


Di-Caffeine Malate - Also known as Infinergy is a precise combination of caffeine and malic acid joined together by an ionic bond. It is bonded like this to buffer the salts within caffeine, allowing easier digestion and therefore removes the stomach issues that caffeine causes people, whilst also helping to minimise the post caffeine energy crash. As always with caffeine it is a stimulant that helps burn fat by thermogenesis.


2-Aminoisoheptane (DMHA) – Extremely powerful, long lasting, energy boosting and focus ingredient that also effectively suppresses appetite. Enabling you to train harder and with more motivation whilst also helping you stick to your diet and not give into your cravings.


Paradoxine – Paradoxine is the highest quality patented version of grains of paradise (is standardized to 15% Aframols® & 12.5% 6-paradol – exactly what we’re looking for based upon the successful human-based studies). Which is proven to decrease visceral fat in the lower abdomen whilst increasing whole body energy expenditure.


Octopamine HCL – Octopamine is one of the ingredients found naturally occurring within Citrus Autantium. It gives off a light stimulant effect that provides a sense of well being that doesn’t develop a tolerance build up over time. Octopamine also provides concentration and focus boost because of this. Most importantly it increases the body’s metabolic rate causing your body to burn more calories. It also increases lipolysis which is the breakdown of stored fat.


Bioperine (Black Pepper Extract)  - Bioperine is a patented version of Black Pepper extract that has a 95% minimum. Bioperine helps the bioavailability of other ingredients within the body, meaning you get a bigger benefit from other ingredients within the supplement than you normally would.


3,5 diiodothyronine – Also known as T2. T2 is very similar to the thyroid activator T3, but without any of the bad side effects. T2 is broken down in the body and converted to T3 but due to the way T2 is structured you wont have to be concerned about ongoing thyroid shutdown, making it much safer but with the same benefits.

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