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The inception of CONQU3R UNLEASHED was a breakthrough in pre-workout supplementation. It covered all the aspects that a pre-workout supplement should; energy, focus, pump and performance. It was the first true all-in-one pre-workout. Unlike competing companies, Olympus Labs utilised the most effective ingredients at complete doses to elicit superior performance. It was not long before the industry took notice that Olympus was the preeminent pre-workout on the market. Several companies made valiant attempts to replicate its potency, often by copying the profile, ingredient by ingredient. However, those attempts failed to replicate the intense focus and energy that CONQU3R UNLEASHED delivered via OL’s proprietary energy and focus bend.
There was one minor flaw. We received consumer feedback that the taste of the product was not on par with its amazing performance. Admittedly, we prioritized the selection of ingredients based on performance over taste. In order to RE1GN supreme, you need to accept constructive feedback and work to improve, which is why we launched a R&D initiative to re-formulate a new pre-workout. The objective was to create a delicious drink with the same great performance. No, even better performance! As you may already have observed the Olympus Labs R&D team is highly capable but we went way beyond what even we thought was possible.
You may recall the three pillars of our company; Innovation, Value, Results. Similar to all our formulations we applied that approach to this project. The outcome is a supplement that delivers even more focus, energy, pump and performance than its predecessor. A dawn of a new era is here with RE1GN!
There are several modifications to the pre-existing formula, the first one you will notice is the pump and endurance pathways are covered in one blend; The Incredible Pump & Endurance Matrix. Although we thought Creatinol O-Phosphate (COP) and ElevATP® worked well their replacements, 1g of Pomegranate powder and 300mg of Vaso6™, are vastly superior. VASO-6™ is an innovative vasodilation and nitric oxide ingredient which we’ve dubbed as Superior Epicatechin. It was first studied and funded through the University of South Florida and Olympus Labs is proud to be the first company to bring this ingredient to the pre-workout market! The matrix also includes 5g of L-Citrulline and 1g of AGmass™ Agmatine Sulfate, to complete an unrivalled pump and endurance experience. On its own, the Incredible Pump & Endurance Matrix exceeds any other standalone pump or performance supplement on the market.
You may notice the focus and energy blends have been split because they feature ingredients that predominantly target those respective pathways. The Intense Energy Matrix is anchored by 300mg of Caffeine Anhydrous to provide energy and performance. The star of Olympus Labs energy blends, J.Regia, remains but we utilized an even more potent extract.  Eria Jarensis is a new addition to the formula since it is a potent energy booster that has proven effective in IGNIT3 and BLOOSHR3D. We didn’t stop there, we included a novel stimulant that will turbocharge the energy provided by RE1GN. Olympus Labs presents ST1M-X™, another innovative ingredient that brought to you by the DemiGods. ST1M-X™is a standardized extract of the alkaloids of the C.Macroceras plant that Olympus Labs has trademarked.
Since we significantly improved the performance and energy aspect of the formula we had to to compliment that appropriately. The Immaculate Focus Matrix consists of 100mg Tasteless 40% TeaCrine® and 25mg of KannaEase™ for their ability to increase focus and elevate mood. KannaEase™ is a extract ok Kanna that Olympus Labs has trademarked that is standardized to the same alkaloid content as competing products.
The end result is nothing short of spectacular. The RE1GN of the new K1NG of pre-workouts has begun. The only way to fulfill your destiny in the gym is to utilize the very best pre-workout supplement on the market. That pre-workout is RE1GN by a large margin. A must have for aspiring K1NGS & QU33NS.
The Supplement Stop recommends consuming Re1gn as a dietary supplement and, when consuming the product for the first time, assessing your tolerance by taking 1 scoop mixed with 250-350 mls of cold water, 30-45 minutes prior to training. Once your tolerance has been assessed an additional 1/2 to 1 scoop may be added. Do not consume with other caffeine sources like coffee or Red Bull. We do not recommend exceeding 3 scoops per day.
Χαρακτηριστικά Προϊόντος
Δόσεις 20 servings
Μέγεθος Συσκευασίας 210gr
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