MUSCLE NH2 TOTAL PROTEIN 1.8kg Milk Chocolate

MUSCLE NH2 TOTAL PROTEIN 1.8kg Milk Chocolate


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  • 22g Protein per serving
  • 3g Creatine per serving
  • 3g Glutamine per serving
  • Quality Lean Blend
Muscle NH2 Total Protein – an ideal choice for athletes, gym newbies, or if you are just looking to increase your daily protein intake.
Total Protein is easily mixed and consumed with a great choice of flavours and delivers exceptional quality and value for money.
The addition of creatine and glutamine makes it an ideal choice for helping with muscle maintenance as protein, creatine and glutamine are some of the key fundamental ingredients within the world of fitness.
Total protein is an instantised protein that will mix easily, and is a versatile product to be used anytime.
Muscle NH2 Total Protein will fit right into the daily use of the majority of fitness regimes.  It is also an ideal product to be used alongside a weight management/diet programme.
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Μέγεθος Συσκευασίας 1.8Kg
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