Applied Nutrition CLA Gold 1000 100 μαλακές κάψουλες

NEO Applied Nutrition CLA Gold 1000 100 μαλακές κάψουλες


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  • Applied Nutrition CLA Gold 1000 provides your diet with the additional supply of CLA it crucially needs during the weight management process.
  • CLA Gold 1000 is rapidly becoming an essential supplement for many fitness enthusiasts, encouraging the human body to use existing FAT for energy, helping to reduce fat storage. It improves body composition and supports athletes.
  • CLA Gold helps to lower cholesterol and supports cardiovascular health, being a natural source of Omega 6 (essential Fatty Acid).
  • High strength Applied Nutrition CLA Gold is a healthy fat and the richest source available derives from Safflower Oil. Suitable for men and women.
  • Easy to swallow. Plant Based Veggie Soft Gels well suited for consumers with dietary, religious or cultural restrictions. Halal Certified Product.


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Μέγεθος Συσκευασίας 100 κάψουλες
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