Adidas Supernova 3 White / Blue Men


Boost provides a soft and springy cushioning to energize your running stride for better efficiency and maximum comfort.

Developed by adidas with the purpose of creating a softer and more flexible midsole. It is a material that makes use of small structured elements that contract when pressure is applied to the shoe, channeling the energy and then returning to its original position during the ru


4 - 10 Εργάσιμες Ημέρες


  • Ideal for those who need cushioning for recovery runs and daily workouts
  • Upper in engineered mesh made lighter and more flexible which guarantees constant comfort and superior ventilation
  • Midsole that confirms the presence of the Boost compound, in the heel area, and Bounce that allow you to be able to count on a perfect mix of cushioning and reactivity
  • Rubber sole with notches made with a design that guarantees perfect grip, even on wet surfaces
  • Lacing system with TPU eyelets and flat laces, to better manage pressure and grip on the foot, ensuring the right comfort
  • More resistant side inserts positioned on the upper and areas made of a denser knit that wrap the foot up to the toe which give greater support in changes of direction
  • Soft tongue, padded and not integrated into the structure
  • Soft heel area with padded cushion on the collar that improves ankle comfort
  • Shaped and removable insole

Επιπλέον πληροφορίες


Άσπρο, Μπλε


42, 42 2/3, 43 1/3, 44, 44 2/3