Asics Gel Pulse 14 Black / Pink Woman


Tough material placed in critical areas of heavy contact on the shoe for exceptional durability.


4 - 10 Εργάσιμες Ημέρες


Guidance Line
Guidance Line places a visible groove in the mid and outsole that follows the foot’s center of pressure from heel to toe. The result is a more adaptive running platform, creating a smoother transition from heel strike to toe-off with each stride. The Guidance Line thus helps runners to maintain a natural, efficient gait, especially over long distances.

Rearfoot GEL
ASICS GEL is a shock absorption system that uses silicone to satisfy the needs of amateurs and professional athletes alike. Rearfoot GEL offers omni-directional shock absorption, it not only absorbs harmful shock, but helps to stabilize impact forces on the heel.

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Μαύρο, Ροζ


37.5, 38, 39, 39.5, 40