Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 3 Orange Women


  • Wider forefoot offering more room for the toes
  • More padded mesh tongue for even more comfort
  • TPU inserts on the upper that help the foot to always remain in position inside the shoe, especially in the fastest changes of direction
  • Outsole in waffle rubber and with design that helps ensure excellent resistance
  • Shaped collar with ergonomic padding and slightly elongated back that supports comfort in the ankle and Achilles tendon
  • Removable inner sole


4 - 10 Εργάσιμες Ημέρες



  • Ideal for those looking for comfort and responsiveness for recovery runs, short and medium distances
  • Updated Flyknit mesh upper that adapts perfectly to the foot, with more breathable areas and others strategically more supportive, for an even smoother stride
  • Curved midsole with Rocker design and wider forefoot base that guarantees constant stability as well as flexibility during the deadlift, fluidity during full support and cushioning and contact
  • Less amount of material between the insole and the midsole that allows you to have the foot closer to the foam for a softer and more responsive fit
  • More rubber on the sole for better traction and greater resistance
  • TPU heel base and low, reinforced shell that constantly supports running
  • Inserts in synthetic material heat-sealed laterally that help the foot to always remain in position
  • Lightly padded collar for added softness and comfort
  • Flat laces integrated into the upper and the Flyware system
  • Padded tongue partially integrated into the structure for a perfect fit
  • Device on the back to facilitate the fit
  • Reflective details
  • Removable and shaped inner sole

Flywire helps provide ultra-lightweight support and comfort for your foot. It gets its strength from thin nylon fibers strategically placed on the upper of the shoe to hold the foot in place, helping to reduce slippage during activity. This allows for a massive reduction in weight because material is used only where it’s needed.

It uses a knitted upper construction process that increases support for a comfortable, custom fit. Seams, weight and friction areas are all reduced. Polyester yarn is more open in areas that need more flexibility and tighter in areas that require more support. Nike Flyknit also eliminates the need for multiple materials used to make traditional shoe uppers, significantly reducing pollution.

Nike React
Nike React foam cushioning offers support and reactivity. Resistant and soft at the same time returns all the energy you put in every step.

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