Nike Zegama Trail 2 Black/White Women


  • Ideal for those who need shoes that allow them to tackle the most technical and uneven surfaces in maximum safety
  • More flexible technical mesh upper with strategically reinforced points that allow for maximum stability during the stride, without sacrificing the necessary ventilation
  • Nike ZoomX midsole shaped specifically for trail that combines cushioning, responsiveness and support during long running sessions
  • Sole with Vibram tread with reversed orientation notching which offers improved traction and more reliable grip on more technical terrain
  • Protective insert inside the midsole that provides extra protection from rocks and spikes


4 - 10 Εργάσιμες Ημέρες


ZoomX foam guarantees the highest level reactive energy return among the actual Nike shoes in production today. The weight of ZoomX is lower than 1/3 with respect to the Cushlon foam in essence it has all the advantages in terms of maximum cushioning at a reduced weight.

A mix very similiar to the ZoomX was used predominantly in the aerospace industry, but for some time has this innovative technology has been found in high performance shoes.

The ZoomX foam sheets are made with autoclaves in extreme heat and pressure conditions: to obtain the final component of the midsole, the product is cut into predefined shapes and then inserted into compression molds.

This special rubber mix, ideal for off road, makes the sole even more lightweight, guaranteeing an exceptional traction/resistance to wear relationship.

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